We advertise holiday accommodation and property to rent, plus properties for sale in Portugal.

Pure Portugal also advertise Services, Courses and Events.

As you may have guessed from our name, we put particular emphasis on the traditional and natural aspects of both the area we work in and the properties we advertise.

Many of the holiday accommodations we advertise are built and/or renovated using traditional methods and local materials. Many of them also incorporate environmentally friendly design, alternative energy systems, and grow – or are suitable for growing – organic produce.

Advertising Properties for Sale, Holiday Accommodation & Rentals
Pure Portugal Ltd is not a seller of real estate, nor an agent for property owners. Pure Portugal Ltd offers paid advertising for holiday accommodation and property for sale in Central Portugal and our role in the letting and sale of properties is limited to publishing advertising provided by owners & agents and providing a venue for communications about a property. We are not responsible for, and do not engage in, brokering, selling, purchasing, exchanging, or leasing advertised properties. Owners are responsible for the accuracy of their listings, please confirm any information (including pricing) seen in adverts with the owners before making agreements.

Co-operative Business
We are a small business, a workers’ co-operative, registered as a limited company in England. As such, we are able to give you a personal service (indeed, many of the people we have helped are now good friends). Co-op members have a broad knowledge of the business as a whole and so you will not spend hours on the phone waiting to be passed from department to department (although you will often be passed directly to the owner or agent of a property we advertise).

Internet Business
We are an internet-based business, thus we can reduce our overheads, keeping our fees very reasonable and competitive. We’re in this business to enable us to live our dream, not to make huge profits – we have our own smallholdings, so we are often out on our land, (so if you’re also dreaming about smallholding, living a more natural life, eager to renovate or build in an environmentally friendly way, we know what you’re talking about!) – so we’re not always available to answer the phone during normal office hours (now you know why you got an email from us at 1am!) – for this reason we prefer that you email us rather than phone – you’re more likely to get a faster response this way too.